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江波的《末日之旅》 ‘Doomsday Journey’ by Jiang Bo, CEPIEC
江波的《机器之门》 ‘The Machine Gate’ by Jiang Bo, CEPIEC
顾适的《南极电台》’Antarctic Radio’ by Gu Shi
杨晚晴的《墓碑》’Tombstone’ by Yang Wanqing, Wyrm Publishing
刘啸的《桥》’Bridge’ by Liu Xiao, Wyrm Publishing
石黑曜的《貔貅》’Pi Xiu’ by Shi Heiyao, Wyrm Publishing
刘慈欣的《命运》 ‘Destiny’ by Liu Cixin, FT Culture
刘慈欣的《信使》 ‘The Messenger’ by Liu Cixin, FT Culture
刘慈欣的《魔鬼积木》’The Devil’s Building Blocks’ by Liu Cixin, Tencent Pictures


‘Other Stories’ by Wang Yuan, Clarkesworld 183

Other Stories by Wang Yuan, translated by Andy Dudak

江波的《变脸》, 微像国际文化传播有限责任公司
‘Face Changing’ by Jiang Bo, Clarkesworld 177

Face Changing by Jiang Bo, translated by Andy Dudak

糖匪的《孢子》, 微像国际文化传播有限责任公司
‘Spore’ by Tang Fei, Clarkesworld 176

Spore by Tang Fei, translated by Andy Dudak

陈楸帆的《全职救星》’The Job Savior’ by Chen Qiufan
陈楸帆的《人类刹车计划》’The Human Break Project’ by Chen Qiufan

夏笳的《从火星到地球》’From Mars to Earth’ by Xia Jia, Planet City Anthology
Liam Young – Planet City

未马的《从前慢》’Formerly Slow’ by Wei Ma, Future SF Digest/FAA

Issue 9

‘Niuniu’ by Baoshu, Clarkesworld 170

Niuniu by Baoshu, translated by Andy Dudak

‘Forger Mr. Z’ by Chen Qiufan, Asimov’s Science Fiction, Nov 2020

‘Casualties of the Quake’ by Wang Yuan, Analog Science Fiction & Fact, Sep 2020

‘The Plague’ by Yan Leisheng, Clarkesworld 167

The Plague by Yan Leisheng, translated by Andy Dudak

‘Three Stories Conjured From Nothing’ by ShakeSpace, Clarkesworld 166

Three Stories Conjured from Nothing by ShakeSpace, translated by Andy Dudak

迟卉的《雨船》,未来镜像2 ’Rain Ship’ by Chi Hui – Touchable Unreality 2
王元的《绘星者》,未来镜像2 ’Painter of Stars’ by Wang Yuan – Touchable Unreality 2

‘Wu Ding’s Journey to the West’ by Tang Fei, Clarkesworld 154

Wu Ding’s Journey to the West by Tang Fei, translated by Andy Dudak

‘In Search of Your Memories’ by Nian Yu, Clarkesworld 151

In Search of Your Memories by Nian Yu, translated by Andy Dudak

‘The Butcher of New Tasmania’ by Suo Hefu, Clarkesworld 149

‘Master Zhao: The Tale of an Ordinary Time Traveler’ by Zhang Ran, Clarkesworld 147

Master Zhao: The Tale of an Ordinary Time Traveler by Zhang Ran, translated by Andy Dudak

‘The Foodie Federation’s Dinosaur Farm’ by Luo Longxiang, Clarkesworld 144

The Foodie Federation’s Dinosaur Farm by Luo Longxiang, translated by Andy Dudak

‘Your Multicolored Life’ by Xing He, Clarkesworld 141

Your Multicolored Life by Xing He, translated by Andy Dudak

‘The Wings of Earth’ by Jiang Bo, Clarkesworld 139

The Wings of Earth by Jiang Bo, translated by Andy Dudak

‘The Lighthouse Girl’ by Bao Shu, Clarkesworld 136

The Lighthouse Girl by Baoshu, translated by Andy Dudak

‘The Heaven-Moving Way’ by Chi Hui, Apex 104

‘An Age of Ice’ by Zhang Ran, Clarkesworld 130

An Age of Ice by Zhang Ran, translated by Andy Dudak

‘The Observer’ by Liang Qingsan, Pathlight Magazine, Issue 2, 2017

‘An Account of the Sky Whales’ by A Que, Clarkesworld 129

An Account of the Sky Whales by A Que, translated by Andy Dudak

‘Rain Ship’ by Chi Hui, Clarkesworld 125

Rain Ship by Chi Hui, translated by Andy Dudak

‘Painter of Stars’ by Wang Yuan, Clarkesworld 123

Painter of Stars by Wang Yuan, translated by Andy Dudak

‘Western Heaven’ by Chen Hongyu, Clarkesworld 122

Western Heaven by Chen Hongyu, translated by Andy Dudak

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