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Observer Acceleration

A while back I concocted a physics theory. It’s more likely mysticism dressed in physics terminology, but on the off chance there’s something to it… I’m calling the theory ‘Observer Acceleration.’ OA posits that dark energy is observation of the universe. In other words, observation of the universe is accelerating expansion. Observation by photon ExperimentsContinue reading “Observer Acceleration”

There and Back Again: Translation Shenanigan 1

My tale of ultimate reproductive agency, ‘Cryptic Female Choice’ (Interzone 271), was translated into Mandarin by the inimitable Ladon Gao and sold to Works/作品. It shared the January 2020 issue with Nobel Prize winner Mo Yan. I took Ladon’s first paragraph and fed it to Google for translation back to English. The result is interesting.Continue reading “There and Back Again: Translation Shenanigan 1”

My Eligible Works Published in 2020

I had three originals and six translations come out in 2020… The originals: ‘Songs of Activation’ – Clarkesworld 171 ‘Midstrathe Exploding’ – Analog Science Fiction and Fact, March 2020 ‘Salvage’ – Interzone 285 The translations: 未马的《从前慢》’Formerly Slow’ by Wei Ma, Future SF Digest/FAA ‘Niuniu’ by Baoshu, Clarkesworld 170 ‘Forger Mr. Z’ by Chen Qiufan, Asimov’sContinue reading “My Eligible Works Published in 2020”

My CoNZealand Schedule!

(These times/dates are New Zealand time. Follow link at bottom to the con site and you can set a local time for your membership account.) “Science Fiction/Fantasy from the Chinese Diaspora” 29 Jul 2020, Wednesday 11:00 – 11:50, Academic Programme (Programming) Along with the language, the centuries-old Chinese diaspora has produced science fiction/fantasy for decades.Continue reading “My CoNZealand Schedule!”

Love in the Time of Immuno-Sharing

Analog has made my Locus-recommended story available to read for free! Enjoy… Click to access AFF_JanFeb2019_LoveInTimeOfImmuno_Dudak.pdf UPDATE: Great news! This very weird story is a finalist for the Eugie Foster Award and I couldn’t be happier… I used to do screenplay coverage, so here’s my logline… “In a world of engineered, fast-evolving plagues, survivalContinue reading “Love in the Time of Immuno-Sharing”