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There and Back Again: Translation Shenanigan 1

My tale of ultimate reproductive agency, ‘Cryptic Female Choice’ (Interzone 271), was translated into Mandarin by the inimitable Ladon Gao and sold to Works/作品. It shared the January 2020 issue with Nobel Prize winner Mo Yan. I took Ladon’s first paragraph and fed it to Google for translation back to English. The result is interesting.Continue reading “There and Back Again: Translation Shenanigan 1”

My Eligible Works Published in 2020

I had three originals and six translations come out in 2020… The originals: ‘Songs of Activation’ – Clarkesworld 171 ‘Midstrathe Exploding’ – Analog Science Fiction and Fact, March 2020 ‘Salvage’ – Interzone 285 The translations: 未马的《从前慢》’Formerly Slow’ by Wei Ma, Future SF Digest/FAA ‘Niuniu’ by Baoshu, Clarkesworld 170 ‘Forger Mr. Z’ by Chen Qiufan, Asimov’sContinue reading “My Eligible Works Published in 2020”

My CoNZealand Schedule!

(These times/dates are New Zealand time. Follow link at bottom to the con site and you can set a local time for your membership account.) “Science Fiction/Fantasy from the Chinese Diaspora” 29 Jul 2020, Wednesday 11:00 – 11:50, Academic Programme (Programming) Along with the language, the centuries-old Chinese diaspora has produced science fiction/fantasy for decades.Continue reading “My CoNZealand Schedule!”

Love in the Time of Immuno-Sharing

Analog has made my Locus-recommended story available to read for free! Enjoy… Click to access AFF_JanFeb2019_LoveInTimeOfImmuno_Dudak.pdf UPDATE: Great news! This very weird story is a finalist for the Eugie Foster Award and I couldn’t be happier… I used to do screenplay coverage, so here’s my logline… “In a world of engineered, fast-evolving plagues, survivalContinue reading “Love in the Time of Immuno-Sharing”