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My Eligible Works Published in 2020

I had three originals and six translations come out in 2020…

The originals:

‘Songs of Activation’ – Clarkesworld 171

‘Midstrathe Exploding’ – Analog Science Fiction and Fact, March 2020

‘Salvage’ – Interzone 285

The translations:

未马的《从前慢》’Formerly Slow’ by Wei Ma, Future SF Digest/FAA

‘Niuniu’ by Baoshu, Clarkesworld 170

‘Forger Mr. Z’ by Chen Qiufan, Asimov’s Science Fiction, Nov 2020

‘Casualties of the Quake’ by Wang Yuan, Analog Science Fiction & Fact, Sep 2020

‘The Plague’ by Yan Leisheng, Clarkesworld 167

‘Three Stories Conjured From Nothing’ by ShakeSpace, Clarkesworld 166

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