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Science fiction writer, translator, screenwriter, artist.

  • Observer Acceleration

    March 24, 2023 by

    A while back I concocted a physics theory. It’s more likely mysticism dressed in physics terminology, but on the off chance there’s something to it… I’m calling the theory ‘Observer Acceleration.’ OA posits that dark energy is observation of the universe. In other words, observation of the universe is accelerating expansion. Observation by photon Experiments… Read more

  • There and Back Again: Translation Shenanigan 1

    March 5, 2021 by

    My tale of ultimate reproductive agency, ‘Cryptic Female Choice’ (Interzone 271), was translated into Mandarin by the inimitable Ladon Gao and sold to Works/作品. It shared the January 2020 issue with Nobel Prize winner Mo Yan. I took Ladon’s first paragraph and fed it to Google for translation back to English. The result is interesting.… Read more

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